Monday, 29 October 2007


Having decided on a canoe the next hurdle was which one? I'd taken a shine to the Selway Fisher Peterborough/Prospector type as a stable and easily managed craft. The thought of 'stitching' together 5 panels of ply per side did put me off a little. I eventually settled on a design by Michael Storer that Raif posted to me. 'Eureka' was the design and Michael was very quick and helpful in answering my questions.
Plans paid for and downloaded I enlarged them on the works copier to A3 size and laminated them. This made them water proof and protects the plywood from coffee cup rings while building!


Krafty said...

You know, I was most taken by the aesthetics of the Eureka, I hope it turns out to be as fine in the water as it looks in the photos.

After reading about the best features for purpose, described in a friend of a friend's website, then comparing the various designs available online, I think the Eureka really is the one... unless you want to go building one of those things constructed from hundreds of long thin strips of wood - all very nice but I imagine costing a small fortune and taking an age to complete!?

Peter Smitham said...

I agree!